Intro to Applied Awakening

The 6 Most Important Questions for the Path of Non-separation

Introducing the six most important questions for the Path of Non-separation.
​​​​​​What is the primary assumption of humanity?
The primary assumption of humanity is the belief in a separate self.
What is the separate self?
The separate self is a story in the mind that believes itself to be an autonomous entity, an independent actor from the whole.
What is the impersonal?
The impersonal is the existence of being that lives outside of (and as) the contracted experience of the separate self.
What is Non-separation?
Non-separation is the impersonal existence of being that includes the personal.
What is Unity?
Unity is that which is always already the case – the equivalent of Non-separation.
What is Applied Awakening?
Applied Awakening is the application of the realization of Non-separation.