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Hi, I’m Michael Richardson-Borne. Thank you for your interest in Applied Awakening and the Path of Non-separation. If you’ve made it to this page, it means, more than likely, you are either a spiritual seeker, an aspiring change-maker or a professional curious about how Applied Awakening can impact your personal life and career. 

Regardless, odds are you’re feeling stuck in your journey to discovering the true self and/or wondering why your life and the world around you just don’t seem quite right.  If this sounds like you, let’s talk.

Whether you’re a seasoned student of Applied Awakening or just beginning the Path of Non-separation, 1 on 1 study sessions are the best way to receive guidance as you journey deeper into the Path of Non-separation.  Let me know if I can be of service. 

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Applied Awakening and the Path of Non-separation


What is Applied Awakening?  Applied Awakening is the application of the realization of Non-separation. This usually leads to the follow up question, “Well, what is Non-separation?” Non-separation is the impersonal existence of being that includes the personal, a realization that functions as the pre-cursor to Applied Awakening. This is precisely why the focus of Applied Awakening is on teaching the Path of Non-separation – once Non-separation is realized, one is naturally lived as an invitation to awakening and the applications of this invitation effortlessly unfold.

Sound difficult?  It’s really not once you understand the basics – something that we will cover in detail in our study sessions.  Let’s go over it one more time, just in case it’s useful.

The Path of Non-separation is a contemporary self inquiry process for people passionate about taking a real world journey to remembering the pre-existing unity of who you truly are. It begins by grasping that the primary assumption of humanity is the belief in a separate self, an understanding that means the formerly unquestioned belief in separation is, in fact, questionable. This understanding launches a self inquiry process that can move one from living a life based on an assumption of a separate self to being lived as the authentic existence of Non-separation – graduating one from being fully embedded in (and creating from) a personal context to being a new set of outcomes as a conduit of the impersonal. This new set of outcomes is the impersonal action of Applied Awakening.


Common Questions About 1 on 1 Study Sessions

How do study sessions work?
Study sessions are 1 on 1 video calls where we explore the Path of Non-separation in a question and answer format.  All study sessions are 60 minutes.

• It is recommended, at minimum, to have viewed the Intro to Applied Awakening video series before our first meeting.  You can access the video series here.

How do I schedule my study sessions?
Give me a call to arrange a date and time.  My phone number can be found here.

How will we meet? 
We will use my virtual classroom on Zoom.  You will be provided a personal link to the classroom.  All you’ll have to do is click the link and I will be there to greet you.

How much do study sessions cost?
The cost per study session is $100. 

Are there any other ways I can work with you?
Yes.  I offer online courses, a 4-week Intensive program, and a 1-year degree program.

Have Questions?

Feel free to call me by clicking the button below.  If you prefer email, click the “Contact” option at the top of this page.

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